Following the successful release of “The Desert Twats”- I received multiple requests for longer episodes & greater insights into events.

Unfortunately not everything that took place on the trips can be released.(certainly not on a public platform…)

The DVD Contains :

  • 2 DVD’s one with the fully loaded film, one jam packed with extras!
  • Disc 1- The fully loaded film (extended from Youtube)
  • (director & team explanation of episodes- the real deal!)
  • Access to behind the scene shots
  • Access to missing/dropped scenes/sequences & episodes.
  • Access to useful tips (maps/routes/preparation/useful bike adaptations)
  • Explanation of preparation & adaptation of bikes, selection of cameras/film shoots/route-planning & research

Professionally authored 1080p High Definition, offering menu to play all, or specific scene selection ; the DVD(2) is raw in content containing strong language throughout the 2nd DVD; is not suitable for general public viewing. Currently written in PAL (Uk & Europe)format, It will be shortly authored in NTSC (USA)where viewers without a dual reader DVD can enjoy the series.

delivered in a jewel case wrapped in cellophane, containing various “Shaw2Shore” stickers

Priced at £14.99 (excluding P&P) …2 dvds ..over 3.5hrs+(300mins) educational, alternative entertainment..that’s under 5p per minute!

(typically delivered to anywhere in UK within 2 days!)
dvd cover